An Invitation to Journey We are proposing a journey which involves simultaneous outward and inwardvoyages: to the ancient civilizations of Mexico, and to the interior depthsof one´s own psyche. For 18 years, Magda Solé, a psychologist and psychotherapist, has organizedgroup travels to Mexico in coordination with Jaume Mestres, a specialist in tourism.Together, they coordinate the logistical aspects of the trip andthe guests´ stay at their own Tonatiuh Hotel, the initial site of thetranspersonal journey each summer. At the hotel, guests are greeted by Señora Nelly and her family, who maintain the hotel during the rest of theyear when the transpersonal groups are not in session.

The group is limited at 18 people, and the journey that we propose is unique in that it combines self discovery, the enrichment of group experience, the opportunity to learn about Mexicoand its civilizations, and the chance to explore ancient, precolonial techniques of achieving higher states of consciousness and healing. At the same time, there is ample opportunity for guests to relax, to sample the country´s wonderful cuisine, and to enjoy themselves. Dates 2nd to 16th August 2008.

The Country and the Climate

Our “base” will be the small Tonatiuh Hotel, which is located 200 metersfrom an extensive beach with warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, between Veracruz and Boca del Rio. The climate is warm and humid, and as the trip will occur during the rainy season, it will rain for a brief period each day, and then the bright sunshine will return.


The Tonatiuh Hotel has 14 rooms with double beds and bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a large “palapa” (a porch with a roof of palm fronds) for groupactivities. All of the rooms have large fans. The atmosphere of the hotelis simple, clean, and friendly.


Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed and have time to get settled, to explore the hotel and its surroundings, and to get to know the other members of the group. There will be an excursion to Catemaco Lake, a magnificent location, nestledin the midst of the mountains with abundant tropical vegetation.

Guests will spend one or two nights in small huts that are immediately adjacent to the lake. At the lake, we will have the opportunity to observe a Temazcal ceremony, anancient purification ritual of body, mind, and spirit from the era beforethe Spanish conquest. The ritual is commonly practiced by the majority ofNative American tribes. The ritual occurs within a sweat lodge, where steamis combined with aromatic herbs, accompanied by healing prayers and the veneration of Mother Earth.

The following day, we will visit nearby beaches, where long stretches are free from tourism, and populated only by local fishermen. After a horseback ride to a waterfall in the jungle, we will dine on fresh fish. Following this, there will be more free time to tour the idyllic and unforgettable surroundings.

During the trip we will have several meditations and sharing sessions in order to integrate all the processes. Every action is totally different and it nourish from previous experience, it’s a very good training.

Next, we will visit the Sierra Mazateca, where the population resides at an altitude of 1800 meters. We will stay for three days and two nights at the house of a shaman who was trained by the famed Marian Sabina. The shaman will initiate the healing ceremonies according to ancient Mazatec ritual, using sacred herbs and plants. The experience will involve a bodily immersion in simple, rustic living as is typical of the indigenous Mazatec population.

Next comes a visit to Oaxaca, a city with a rich cultural and religious heritage that remains very much alive. If time permits, we will visit the archaeological ruins of Monte Alban, as well as the splendid churches, palaces, museums, artesian markets of the city that are in use by the indigenous population. This will serve as a period of rest before we return to ¨civilization,” in a place that is beautiful and inspirational.

Finally, we will visit the city of Veracruz, with its beaches, typical markets, and “los Portales.” “Los Portales” constitute the vital core of the city, which we will visit in the evening, enjoying the colonial architecture, cafes, marimba and mariachi bands, strolling merchants, and festive atmosphere.

Afterwards, we recommend that if possible, guests consider extending their trips to do additional tourism, whether this is organized in advance or improvised once in Mexico. Mexico is an enchanting country, extremely beautiful and diverse. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming. If you would like to arrive in advance, or to stay additional days, we can inform you of the additional (very reasonable) charges at the Tonatiuh Hotel.


The principle requirement to participate is the desire to embark upon a journey of self discovery.

Price, Registration, and Cancellations

Price: approximately 1800 Euros. This price covers room and board from the first evening of activities until lunch on the final day, and all of the activities described above, including the trips to Catemaco, the Sierra, and Oaxaca, and the shamanic ceremonies. The price does not cover the cost of the trip from your residence to Veracruz, the entry fees for other excursions, or travels that you decide to embark upon independently.

Registration: a deposit of 50% should be made before July 15, and should go directly to the following account: Caixa d´ Enginyers, 30250001111433009094, in the name of Magda Sole. The other 50% should be paid before departing on the journey.

Getting to Mexico

Flights to Mexico are increasingly difficult to secure, and in the summer time, it is recommended that you make efforts to secure your air ticket with as much advance preparation as possible. In January the fares are most reasonably priced, but it is also possible to find reasonable fares afterwards if you have a travel agent who is persistent. We are available to help you secure a ticket if you need assistance.

Please contact

Magda : magdasole1@gmail.com
Jaume : j-mestres@hotmail.comvia his mobile telephone: +34 667366866.